Lunes, Abril 20, 2015

Of Blogs and Choices

Nothing is worse than being torn between two choices.

True enough, it was. A few days back, I was in some sort of confusion as to which blog to pick. I had to choose between this one, my Blogger account for about 3 years now, and my Wordpress account, which is new. Jeeeez. It’s hard to pick. Which one? Which one?

Blogger fo life, almost

My Blogger page header.

My Blogger has been around for almost 3 years now. I had it online as a requirement for one of my extra-curricular involvements in college, the Pylon: The Official Yearbook of the NORSU System. During my stint as one of the creative writers for the yearbook, I was required to put up and update a blog. This has been our heads’ way of keeping track with our improvements in terms of writing.

More than just fulfilling the requirement, blogging has also been a very fun experience for me. Not only can I fully express myself through my posts, but I was also able to improve my writing skills. Indeed, Practice makes perfect. A lot of practice, if you ask me.

But the thing is, after a year, I quit my job as one of the creative writers. With the absence of requirements to fulfill, I stopped blogging. If you check the date and year of my last few posts, you’d see that my frequency in posting has been slowly deteriorating. This continued until I completely stopped and got stomped by my major subjects (during my junior year in college).

Wordpress, a new start

My Wordpress page header.

After almost 2 years away from Blogger, my thirst for blogging came back. But this time, I have decided to start anew by making a new blog. That’s when I made my Wordpress account, which has the very same title as my Blogger.

Wordpress was never new to me. In fact, my first blog was in Wordress. Way back high school, I have made a blog in Wordpress just for fun. That didn't last long though, but it has made me get used to the ways of navigating around the website.

Making the choice

It’s hard to manage two blogs at once. One has to be prioritized over the other. For that very reason, have to make a choice, and after weighing both, I have chosen Blogger.

Having this blog for almost 3 years now, it would be such a waste to let it go. The posts and memories that it hold is too precious. Plus, Blogger is more customizable in terms of theme and template, which matches my personality. Nevertheless, this doesn't make Wordpress less of a blogging site. It's just a matter of personal preference. ;)

Now that I'm back, expect more posts about my life, my stand on certain issues and pretty much anything under the sun. See you around more often!

Linggo, Mayo 5, 2013

The Most Awesome Summer, Ever!

When we think about summer, what comes into our minds are sunkissed skins, beaches and island-hopping escapades. But thoughts are sometimes contrary to the reality. Instead of going through the right track, it tends to go the other way around. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the typical summer almost every Filipino experiences. And yes, I'm talking about the "tambay" summer adventures.

I have always thought that my summer experience for 2013 would be "work plus fun." That's how I saw it 2 months ago. Back then, I was eying a summer job that was within my reach. On top of that, I was also eying the Palarong Pambansa event that will showcase hot guys from different regions (my definition of fun). But my summer plans have been ruined when my homesickness sank in. Yes, homesickness, and I'm talking about a very lethal one.

It was somewhere in the middle of the Holy Week when I got the time alone in our boarding house. It was not the first time I've been left all alone in the house, but this time it was more silent and more creepy (if you ask me). That time, I had all the time in the world to think about many things. My family. My friends. My studies. My affiliations. I had all the time, to decide, to cry and to pour out all my feelings. It was that time when I decided to go home and stay there for good.

I knew that my decision to head home was a spur of the moment. Back then, I was taken away by my emotions. I know. I know. It was all the product of the serene and calm atmosphere I've experienced. But I know my heart wants to be with my family. So that settles it. I've exchanged an adventure-packed summer for a home-based one.

But if you think about it, staying at home for summer isn't bad at all. Sure, you're not somewhere out of town, sight-seeing, but you get all the time in the world to relax without thinking about your school works. And to top it off, you don't have to worry about the traveling hassles, because you're not traveling in the first place. No assignments, no exams, no jet lag, no seasickness and no heavy baggage to look after. What more can you ask for?

Wew! Summer came like a breeze. It came faster than a blink of an eye and it went away just as fast. Now, I'm somewhere near the end of my summer vacation. Enrollment period is fast approaching and my night-till-dawn internet marathon is almost coming to a halt. For now, I'll just make the most out of my summer, and worry about school later.

Cheers to another amazing summer that came! 'Till next year! :D
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